Tired of training at those fitness Super Markets where the staff don't even know your name?

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HRVfitness is the perfect intimate boutique training venue with 24 Hour Access, Elite Personal Training, over 30 Pieces of Equipment, Big Screen TVs, Showers, Change Rooms & Everything you’ll need for to become a SEXY Beast! Come in and experience the awesomeness at HRVfitness! 

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25th August

It’s funny the head games we play with our selves, will I workout? Won’t I workout? And then when we finally pull the trigger, and it’s great.! Motivation and focus is tough to maintain, but at the end of the day you need to just stop being a little pussy, man up and get your arse to the gym!! #getstrong #stayhard Here is me taking 170kg for a ride! @hrvfitness

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25th August

Only the strong will survive!!👊No better way to start the week than with a early morning Shred Session here at the house of Pain!! @hrvfitness #shredcamp #letsgetshredded

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23rd August

Week two! Welcome back 200kgs. @hrvfitness

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