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19th October

Get through the tough days and it makes the easy days even better!! Fight that inner Bitch!! #innerbitch @hrvfitness #winnermindset #fitnessmotivation

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17th October

Don’t let that “Dad Bod” creep up on you!! As we get older, we become less active so we need to make adjustments to our food. I remember eating what ever I wanted when I was younger, now a days if I even look at something the wrong way, it feels like I gain 2kgs. So here are a few tips to keeping trim and making sure you maintain good health. 1: Eat a little less. Unless you have a very active job or are still training like a mad man!! I know my self, I spend a lot of the day sitting and I don’t train like I used to. Less activity means you don’t use as much energy and excess food turns to fat. 2: Eat better foods. Avoid buying your food in boxes and stick to whole foods, rice, veg, chicken, steak and so on. Less shit and more good stuff!! 3: Cut down on the Booze! If you drink most nights, cut down to once a week. If you drink weekends, maybe cut down to every other weekend. Less alcohol, less sugar = more abs!!

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16th October

Tits and Tri’s this morning for these two!! I superset every compound chest exercise with an isolation exercise. I love utilising cables during these workouts to ensuring the chest is getting the maximum effect and the arms aren’t taking over. Give it a go!! @hrvfitness #bigtits

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